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Visual communication in the retail environment

In-store visuals are one of the cornerstones of the modern communications mix. The retail space or showroom is the place where the customer makes the final decision to buy, so what better place to reinforce your brand identity? How Signorita can help »


In-store signage has many aspects, from functional direction and price boards, to mood-setting wall coverings and floor visuals. Signorita offers expert advice and professional project management skills to help you make the most of your in-store visual environment. Our experience in satisfying client needs covers the full range of solutions, whether they are long-lasting features (like the visuals for the interiors of Saab dealers), or temporary displays (like the shop window posters for Prénatal, which change every month). More examples.


The décor of the outside of a shop or showroom is crucially important for the recognition of the retail formula, and to enhance the corporate image. Since outdoor campaigns are long-lasting campaigns, the right choice of materials and assembly techniques is essential. Signorita has plenty of experience in this branch of the retail signage business – just look at this overview of some of our recent projects.

The power of the image

Architects and interior designers are becoming increasingly aware of the power of images. Visuals can now be integrated into the design very effectively, using the latest techniques and materials. The digital paintings on canvas for the Bellwater Hotel in Voorburg, or the wall coverings for the Eleganza store in Hilversum, are great examples of this.


Signorita provides consultation and management services for retail communications projects on a daily basis, with the emphasis firmly on the visual aspects. In practical terms, that means we’re advising and guiding our clients in:
  • choice of materials
  • production methods
  • installation techniques
  • project management.
Our goal is always the same: to provide a tailor-made solution, with an optimal price-quality ratio. Signorita can handle the complete project management for you, including design, manufacture and installation on site.

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